Autumn Heaven

Featured Image

☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

sweet fragrance in autumn heaven
angel harvests shining fruits at secret orchard
patience overcame devil’s summer storm
beautiful inner maturity comes after hard times
golden light brings joy of eternal life

Floral Mind

Featured Image

☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

graceful girl loves early autumn
magical whisper passes through bright cosmos field
desire to true peaceful future
prayer to beautiful September sky breathes eternity
forever her strength of innocent floral mind

Smile Again

Featured Image

☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

fairy sighs under sweet moonlight
pastel-blue illusion for immortal flower existing somewhere
late summer is always sentimental
everything ripens beautifully when gentle autumn comes
she smiles again elegantly in golden forest

Summer Bouquet

Featured Image

☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

sunny girl makes summer bouquet
gorgeous birthday gift for herself with hope
dream breathes by secret loneliness
sunflower knows undying brightness of pure spirit
girlish sensitive heart finds true future lover

Glorious Light

Featured Image

☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

angel’s eternal glorious light arrives
beautiful earth awakes with sorrow and pain
black storm destroys innocent flowers
universe is patient guardian of blue planet
graceful rose crown for truly peace-loving people

Dreamy Rose

Featured Image

☆☆☆ Haiku ☆☆☆

dreamy rose dances
inspirational beauty for eternal moment
faraway starlight’s blessing

wandering cat believes
true home is bright moon
joyful return someday

dusk surrounds lovers
firefly’s jeweled illumination under sapphire-blue
mysterious forest shines

Spiritual Flower

Featured Image

☆☆☆ Haiku ☆☆☆

goddess’s spiritual flower
beautiful world with merciful light
love overcomes darkness

blue planet awakes
secret message from Rosette nebula
universe desires peace

sleeping gentle lovers
quiet constellations like beads embroidery
midnight’s holy stillness

Gorgeous Peony

Featured Image

☆☆☆ Haiku ☆☆☆

gorgeous peony’s grace
calm magical brightness and shadow
delicacy creates beauty

penguins sing serenade
fantastic soiree under blue aurora
dancing rosy stars

blissful lovers hike
earth shines after pearly rain
rainbow promises happiness

Happy Bird

Featured Image

☆☆☆ Haiku ☆☆☆

angel’s happy bird
gentle songs with lovely voice
delightful harmonic universe

cryptogram from Jupiter
mystery to decipher by moonlight
fairy queen understands

lovers in rosebed
iridescent cloud floating far away
dreamy summer afternoon

Girls Forever

Featured Image

☆☆☆ Haiku ☆☆☆

girl’s sweet days
everything is brilliant pretty jewel
forever innocent memories

black kitty’s secret
unrequited love to pink-gold moon
shooting star smiles

passionate lovers dream
heavenly hug by eternal telepathy
mystical paradise’s dawn

Bright Rose

Featured Image

☆☆☆ Haiku ☆☆☆

bright rose’s solitude
angel knows her sincere wish
soulful genuine love

foreign grassy plain
antique piano plays marvelous hymn
everlasting wind sings

joyful innocent lovers
shining tiara of pure wildflower
emerald forest breathes

Elegant Smile

Featured Image

☆☆☆ Haiku ☆☆☆

Maiko’s  elegant smile
gorgeously blooms with hard study
immortal beautiful flower

lonesome girl imagines
invitation by the enigmatic prince
from Andromeda galaxy

lovers enter twilight
transparent sweet sigh of fairies
pinkish star swings


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