Shining Lilies


☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

Shining lilies in early summer
Quiet petals smile for graceful gentle lady
Pure heart knows immortal brightness
Eternal heavenly light on vibrant gorgeous planet
True undying love from beautiful infinite mind

Brilliant Peonies


☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

Elegant dream of brilliant peonies
Fantastic gentle lady knows immortal floral kingdom
Bright soul smiles for eternity
Graceful spring magic brings delightful pure hope
Gorgeous romantic love from vibrant shining heart

Glorious Spring


☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

Glorious spring with heavenly grace
Gorgeous flower’s joyful song for mystic angel
Beautiful light blesses gentle heart
Shining soul dreams eternal brightness of universe
Brilliant true love by hopeful infinite spirit

Fantastic Azalea


☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

Fantastic azalea in spring light
Gentle petal whispers for graceful sweet lady
Eternal dream of beautiful planet
Pure vibrant heart knows magical shining hope
Miraculous wonderful love from immortal bright sky

Wild Rose


☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

Wild rose in gentle wind
Magical bright girl sings for shining petals
Brilliant spring light from universe
Immortal true happiness of vibrant pure soul
Infinite joyful heart breathes everlasting beautiful love

Peaceful Daydream


☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

Peaceful daydream in cherry blossoms
Dancing petals smile for gorgeous elegant lady
Blue sky knows infinite brightness
Spring magical air brings pure sweet memories
Fantastic shining love by true graceful mind

Magical Tulip


☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

Magical tulip swings with breeze
Bright girl knows vivid petal’s shining dream
True spring of blue planet
Beautiful gentle spirit smiles for eternal joy
Wonderful glorious love from pure mystic infinity

Morning Bird


☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

Morning bird in heavenly garden
Graceful angel smiles gently under beautiful light
Pure brightness from infinite sky
Sweet spring whispers for magical little wings
Shining gorgeous love by glorious immortal universe

Floral Smile


☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

Floral smile in early spring
Bright colors shine for fantastic sweet girl
Dreamy mind knows secret happiness
Magical gentle wind sings hidden precious delight
Brilliant pure love from eternal beautiful heart

Winter Roses


☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

Winter roses under blue sky
Brilliant petal whispers for elegant gentle lady
Immortal dream of glorious universe
Quiet light knows secretly flower’s pure joy
Beautiful infinite love by everlasting mystic soul

Beautiful Dream


☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

Beautiful dream with floral fantasy
Shining orchid sings gently for gorgeous lady
Secret wish of graceful heart
Eternal happiness in bright new year’s dawn
Wonderful true love from vibrant immortal spirit

Hopeful Light


☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

Hopeful light from mystic infinity
Graceful angel prays for eternal spiritual victory
Blue planet knows sacred truth
All flowers bloom with immortal shining soul
Miraculous beautiful love by glorious peaceful universe


Hi ! My dear wonderful followers and visitors ! Thanks always.
I take several weeks holiday in new year.
My dear friends.
Thanks for your kindness and friendship.
I hope you stay safe and healthy always.
Glorious angels pray your peace and happiness in new year.
Best regards.
Have a wonderful new year !

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