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The King’s Decision

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When the frozen stars fall from the lapis lazuli-colored sky,
The crisis approaches to us, my magical sharp ear knows the far-off noise,

I am the androgynous King of fairies living in this beautiful forest,
Human beings will destroy our place and make the building for big sporting events,
It is the plan for their money-making, but we cannot live without flowers and trees,

They have terrible weapon and poison to kill the earth,
We have only transparent wings and sensitive heart to feel the truth,

I think calmly while drinking homemade additive-free wine,
Sacrifice is not avoided if we fight against cruel human beings, it is a wrong way,
And I decided, we leave for an unknown peaceful place,

Unfortunately our new forest may be destroyed again by arrogant human beings,
However, I never give up living, I love and protect all my innocent fairies forever,

Please pray for the safety of the long trip if you are our gentle friend,
Fairy will repay your kindness somewhere sometime in an amusing method,

We fly away all together at night of the next full moon highly and far,
Blue eyes of our little girl will be the light like fantastic jewels in the air,

When I found a place of new life, we land on the earth with hope one after another,
It will be like the shining meteor shower pouring into the horizon of dawn.

Angel’s Flower Gate

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I am waiting for children at this place where graceful flowers bloom,
Their souls are innocent, they died by war and violence,

Angels who are my friends embrace children and rise to the sky,
I lead them to the higher bright place after hug heartily,

There is the most beautiful flower garden in heaven,
Children are freed from all pains, they never hurt anymore,

Their joyful true home where a rainbow appears and rosy light shines,
They forgive sinful adults, and live happily here by love of God,

But I cannot sometimes control sorrow, though I am an angel,
Their too pure souls worry about friends who are on the confused earth,

However, God knows all, even if injustice and evil seems to rule the world,
Your good will with love surely overcomes darkness,

Believe, you can always live according to conscience with support of angels,
I wait forever here for beautiful blessed souls,
You will arrive at the splendid place filled with glory of God.


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