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Featured ImageSunset of the late autumn, my mind is sunk in deep sorrow,
I think of my beloved kitten which went to heaven for a disease,

The lostness by the death brings unbearable pain and emptiness,
The last dead leaves of the forest dying like my mind,

My friend says that your kitten lives happily somewhere in the sky,
But I remember that small soft and fluffy cat all day with regret,
Are you really happy now? can you see me? I mutter and cry while walking alone,

Suddenly, a strange child appeared from the shade of the tree,
The child walks along with me in silence, the honey-colored eyes shine well,

Then mysteriously, the feeling of the child reached me, I heard it by my soul,
“Don’t cry, love is never lost, I join the soul together and continue growing with you,”

The child smiled at the exit of the forest and disappeared,
Nobody believe that my kitten appeared with a human figure even if I say,

But I calmed down and realized that all moves under the splendid harmony,
Even if I can’t see it with eyes, the energy of pure love is immortal in eternity,

The tangerine sky turns colored indigo blue in gentle twilight,
I may become sad again tomorrow, However, my mind will be peaceful this moment,
Stars shine like small flowers blooming in the infinite space forever.

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Victory & Glory

Featured Image I come bravely, having a holy sword and a balance of the justice,
Hateful devils laugh loudly on the earth, revolving stage full of wicked people,

Every tricks and black greed covered this blue beautiful star,
Innocent blood flowed endlessly, the crimson flowers bloomed in the darkness,

You are sometimes exhausted by the fight to be opposed to the devils,
You grieve like an orphan, the world is going to ruin,

However, do not despair, I know your all pains and tears,
Look, the armed forces of the angels whom I lead come with the shining cloud,

My name is Archangel Michael with golden wings,
I am a gentle face, but I beat devils thoroughly without mercy,

Devil is obstinate from the ancient times, but we completely win,
The effort that you did for the better world is rewarded,

Watch the truth fearlessly, I come with brilliant light,
It is born from the source of the amazing universe which God created,

Be relieved in peace, God loves you, I protect you,
When all constellations shine in joy to celebrate the extinction of devils,
You will listen to the bright song praising victory and glory of God.

Mysterious Lover

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She is jealous when I only stare at the other woman,
Her lovely crimson lips tremble, dark fire blazes in the black eyes,

Every night, I manipulate her on the stage, I let her play the drama of tragic love,
She impresses the audience as the passionate woman who gives all to love,

She is the gorgeous doll of the traditional puppet-show of Japan,
I am a young puppeteer owning her, and I am her prisoner at the same time,

When I talk with a pretty girl intimately, this doll looks very sad,
When I go out to night pleasure and came home, she shows the cold profile like ice,
My old master says laughingly that the doll which a soul entered fascinates all,

Tonight, I caught bad cold, of course did my best on the stage,
she whispered secretly like a gentle mother to me backstage,
“You tried hard, you are excellent, you are my splendid partner,”

After all, she knows my mind more than anyone else in the real world,
It is a fantasy or delusion, but it may be my destiny to master a way of the art with her,

Her clothes were made from the beautiful antique kimonos which unhappy ladies wore,
She teaches me eternal sorrow and passion of women living for love,

She can trouble me, however, she gives me joy and spirit,
I stare at her and she smiles radiantly like a immortal goddess,
She is my graceful mysterious lover.


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