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Destined Partner

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When I met him for the first time, my soul felt sweet excitement,
He is the beautiful genius ballet dancer, I was selected as his partner luckily,
My young wish was become a prima ballerina with romantic true love,

All was full of brightness and joy when we danced, the applause made me happy,
We married soon, and a storm came over after the short happy dream,

He like cheerful Apollo had much talent and many faults with selfishness, I wanted to understand him,
But he fell in love with a new woman, I quarrelled with him seriously and left the home,
My hard days of confusion and pain started, I spent hopeless night alone,

He takes my hand with a smile as always, we danced La Traviata in the gorgeous theater.
The crimson dress of a sad heroine was the color of the blood which flowed from my soul,
However, I get a moment of forgetting myself when I dance with him, it is to feel breath of God,

Then time passed, I know some love and parting, I bring up an innocent puppy at home,
He is still a man with many love affairs, but will marry nobody anymore, he know it,
Unfortunately both he and I feel decline of the physical ability,

However, he elegantly lifts me beautifully, we are united and invite the audience to fantasy,
The girl dreamed of pure sweet love, she was trained by this hateful dear eternal prince and matured,
The love is bitter struggle, the love is gentle harmony,
And the love leads me to the splendid place beyond personal feelings,

He is my destined partner by God of the ballet, I realized it and got the freedom of my soul,
When we dance, I become the flower existing midmost of the universe,
The flower is like a holy lotus blooming with nourishment from mysterious deep marsh.

Inspiration Girl’s Heart

Featured ImageNew year’s morning, I wore the lovely nostalgic kimono which my grandma owned in girlhood,
All my families have mysterious inspiration by nature, of course I am so,
Dreams and intuition become the reality, I hide fear for the modern witch hunting,

This year, I think seriously that the human being is at the big turning point,
People awake and choose the right way for the future, or unfortunately go to ruin,
But the school mates only laugh at me, they are always carefree and optimistic,

Grandma says that anyone prefers sugared lies to the severe truth,
The man of the liar makes a speech with smile on TV, I and my family know his black aura!

I have a terrible feeling that the people who sold souls to the devil pollute this world,
Though I want to do something for the beautiful sea and sky, I am an inexperienced girl,
I become sad and hug the pretty cat at cold day, then I take cocoa alone at the midnight,

However, my lover says,“baby, you are eccentric and crazy, but I like everything of you,”
He is the best boy on the earth, he is handsome and good at mathematics.
He is weak at sports and he is not so strong, he easily catches cold, but I really love him,

If the disaster that our survival is in danger becomes the reality, I act immediately,
I hold him in the right hand and I hold my cat with the left hand, I can run very fast,

We escape from the broken world, I want to fly to Jupiter or Venus,
And we go to somewhere of the safe universe, I protect my delicate lover with my little cat,

Yesterday, I told him,“I absolutely protect you,”
He laughed out loud, then he took off glasses and wiped tears shyly, he is so funny,
I love him and my life, we will survive, I am a girl with the brave heart.


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