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Blue Goddess

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☆☆☆ Haiku ☆☆☆

quiet blue goddess
her ship across bright sea
kiss for Neptune

urban girls sigh
desire to the undying love
tropical fishes sleep

night spread wings
only lovers hear secret lullaby
platinum moon shines

Rosy Little Wings

Featured ImageThis female kitten said to me,  “I return to the home on the earth and want to see my mom,”
I am an angel taking care of animals in beautiful heaven brightly,

I told to her,  “ here is a lot of wonderful delicious foods and gentle friends,”
The kitten said,  “I want to eat the canned food which mom always bought in weekend discount  sale!”

Her tender owner was the single old lady of the pension life,
She picked up the baby of the stray cat thrown away, and brought up it kindly,
But The kitten went out on the street for curiosity, the cruel car hit her and ran off,

Many animal’s pure souls grieve so deeply by the parting from the owner,
This kitten yearns for the mom, her voice cried too much and became husky,

God said to her gently,  “ look at rosy little wings on your back,
When you want to meet anytime, you fly to the earth and can see the face of your mom,
Don’t cry anymore, we love you,”   she considered a little, and then nodded,

Tonight, the kitten flew to the earth by the lovely little wings  with me,
She reached her home at a high speed across the Milky Way,

We watched her owner from the old window, there was a new kitten on her aged knee,
The photo of this dead kitten among pretty flowers on the table,
The old lady stares still at the photo sadly with tears while the new kitten sleeps,

The kitten remained silent with me, and she whispered it in my arm calmly,
“I hope that my mom will always be happy. I wish that the new kitten live longer than me,
Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, thank you mom…. see you again,”

And this kitten became a true member of heaven,
The life of animal is short, but they are teachers about love, they forgive human frailty,
All these innocent souls, God was created it with infinite spiritual energy,

People who fell in the trap of the devil can believe nothing.
However, even if everything seems to go to ruin, the universe is supported by love,
The souls to know the love meet again in holy peaceful garden,
The white flowers bloom forever there, this kitten will be embraced by her beloved  lady.


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