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Angel’s Holy Lullaby

Featured ImageThe tired young lady lies with pain in the snowy cold night,
Her earnest love was betrayed, her insincere lover married the other woman,

The lonely child bullied by friends hides sad tears,
The old man feeling that his life is valueless drinks bitter wine,
Many souls to grieve are insomnia in the frozen dark night,

However, the song which angels sing from the bright high sky,
It warms the heart of depressed people and revivify the dream that was lost,

Remember, all of the world was created for joy, you knew it when you were born,
Even if the world seems to be filled with sorrow and confusion,
The great energy moving snow and star plays the melody of the blessing to life,

Remember, you are surely protected by the glorious eternal wings,
You are loved by the magnificent soul of God and exist here now,

New year comes, the mind of all people is cleansed and begins to shine,
You discover a way to realize your dream, you find true lover and best friend,

Therefore sleep with peaceful feeling, while petals of snow are dancing,
Your love and effort are written in the secret diary of the invisible holy world,
It becomes the lovely fruit of the beautiful everlasting soul,

I am your guardian angel always loving you,
Be sleep, tonight, like a happy baby surrounded by rosy light,
New year’s morning, you are like a shining flower with youthful hope.

My Soul’s Blue Sky

Featured ImageEverybody calls me a bad boy, I quitted the boring high school,
Cold father threw me into the old temple in Kyoto for discipline,

Nobody supported me, I like quarrel and animals, I dislike study and worthless rule,
My clothes which I made with the memento of beloved mother,
I want to become a designer than a priest, I never shave my head,

Father is a teacher of religion, but he loves money than anything of the world,
Hypocrites said to me, “ you go to the hell, you are the desperado!”
All right, hell is better than I am with those fellows,

However, I had a mysterious dream last night,
The gentleman surrounded by golden light, he told like a kindly uncle to me,

“The world is full of hypocrisy and trickery since I was a sensitive boy like you,
Your mind is lonely and suffers, but don’t grieve, I love your honest soul,
You will discover light in yourself, you are freed and find true beauty of the world,”

I cried and woke when his big warm soft hand touched my head,
When mother died, I endured sorrow and did not cry, but tears overflowed by this dream,

Today, I made Zen meditation obediently without resisting,
Suddenly, I realized that he is Buddha, his grand soul embraced my small soul,

Pretty tortoises are napping happily in the pond of the temple,
The holy preciousness of the tortoise’s life is the same as a human’s,
Even if everybody calls me a fool, only Buddha understands my feeling surely,

Impulsively, I want to say to Buddha that you are genuine saint truly,
He is in my mind with smile, and will he say to this impertinent guy?
“Hi, my dear bad boy, my dear pupil, how are you?”
I kneeled calmly and watched beautiful blue sky, I was able to believe him and myself.


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